Official Colors for Degrees

The silk lining of the hood bears the color or colors of the institution from which the wearer has graduated. The official colors for the University of Southern California are cardinal and gold. The color of the velvet band around the hood shows the department in which the wearer has taken his or her degree. All Master of Arts (white) degrees and Master of Science (gold yellow) degrees are bestowed by the Graduate School.

Accounting: Taupe

Architecture: Blue-Violet

Art and Design: Brown

Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy: Nile Blue

Business Administration: Taupe

Cinematic Arts: White

Communication: Crimson, Peacock Blue

Dance: Amethyst

Dentistry: Lilac

Dramatic Arts: Brown, White

Education: Light Blue

Engineering: Orange

Gerontology: Gold

The Graduate School

Master of Arts: White

Master of Science: Gold Yellow

Doctor of Philosophy: Royal Blue

Journalism: White

Law: Purple

Medicine: Salmon Pink, Jade Green, Kelly Green

Music: Pink

Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy: Slate Blue

Pharmacy: Olive

Public Policy: Crimson, Peacock Blue

Social Work: Citron