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Campus Update

We are working to establish an operations protocol that will ensure a safe, secure, and smoothly running campus during these unprecedented times. Thank you for your patience. We know the last couple of days have been frustrating.

Today, we are writing to update you on (1) protocols now in place to access campus, and (2) operations during study days and finals (a period often called quiet week).

Accessing Campus

6 a.m.-7 p.m. – Three gates will be open daily to enter and exit the campus: McCarthy, McClintock, and Watt Way.

7 p.m.-6 a.m. – Two gates will be open to enter and exit campus: McCarthy and McClintock.

  1. Guests must be registered in advance and present an ID at the gate. The campus is closed for all unregistered guests. On-demand admission will not be granted. To register in advance, go to: to register your guests.
  2. Guests who have registered for a university event must bring an ID and a ticket.
  3. Please be advised that it may take extra time to enter campus.

Operations During Campus Study Days (Saturday-Tuesday) and Final Exams (May 1-8)

Under a longstanding policy at USC to support students preparing for and taking finals, this Saturday, April 27 through Tuesday, April 30 are designated as “quiet days” or “study days.” Final exams take place Wednesday, May 1 through Wednesday, May 8.

During this period, no social events or disruptive activities may take place (see USC Student Handbook). Only essential pre-registered guests will be allowed on campus.


All official news and updates on commencement and the dozens of commencement ceremonies and events can be found on the commencement website. Ticket information will be available there starting early next week. This is where you should look for accurate, current information. We are updating it daily as we continue to finalize plans.

We look forward to a strong finish to the academic year.